Weekly Challenge

Silence and Technology Free

Have you ever found yourself sitting in silence in your own home – with no technologies on and just experiencing the quiet?  I suspect that it does not happen all that often.   I don’t know about you but I tend to have the radio on by default as soon as I go into the kitchen in the morning and it stays on until I am ready to sit down in the evening and watch some TV.

Now what is interesting is that most of the time I cannot tell you the name of the artist or even the name of the last song that has been played.   And yet I can just as easily pick up on something and really “tune in “to what is being broadcast.

So at some level part of my brain is “working” at processing this background and it has struck me that perhaps I could make some better use of my energies.

So during the week I had the house completely to myself and I just switched everything off – I did have the windows ope

n and nature proved to be rather noisy.  However as time passed I found myself alone with my thoughts and they too gradually stilled.

It was really quite pleasant, relaxing and restful.   However the following day when I was still in this quietness, I found myself wanting the noise, I found myself really ready to engage with others and my energy levels was more like a coiled spring – it really was time to get back out there and embrace people again.

And so my challenge to you is to take time to consider when (if at all) that you experience silence.   So what would need to happen so that you could take a couple of hours to really experience silence around your home.  (I am suggesting home as it is ge

nerally a space that we like being in).

When you have this time just see do you find yourself wanting to do jobs around the house or can you sit in silence and just be.  Often times we struggle to move from “doing” to “being”.  So even if it is just for a few minutes at a time find the joy and the power in being.

Warm Wishes