Business Focus

Owner businesses with 1-5 staff are the back bone of every community and provide us with the products and services that we need.   Many of these owners have a specific skillset that is the core of their business but they may not have the expertise in terms of planning, finance, process that ensures that they operate effectively.

As a result, many of these business owners are so busy working in their business that they don’t have the time or the energy left to work on the business, to figure out how to ensure that it can grow and develop and meet the changing needs of their clients

And that is where I come in

I will work with you to

  • Critically assess what is working well and what could be improved
  • Identify where it is that you want to get to over the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years
  • Support you to develop processes to make the business as effective as possible.

So, whether your struggle is

  • Time management
  • Delegating to your team
  • Delivering quality customer service
  • Figuring out where your growth is going to come from

Give me a call on 087 6307745 or complete the form and let me see how I can best support you and your business.


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