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I have been writing challenges for quite a while now and here you will find links to a number of previous challenges.  If you have a specific area that you are considering then that you may find these useful.  The challenges have been categorised into key themes, so simply select the link that is of interest:
Resolutions & Goals

The challenges on goals are designed to support you to get started and then the subsequent accountability as you go through the process so that they don’t just end up being a list in drawer.

Strategies to Achieve your Goals

Goals without an action plan are dreams.  When we write out our goals and pay attention to them daily we increase our chances of success. To read more click here

Goals Require Small Actionable Steps

Many times we announce new goals and then we promptly forget about them.  This challenge is about taking time to  look at the goal and identify the actionable steps that you can succeed at and that will encourage you to stay with the goal.  To read more click here

Review and Refocus Goals

When we make steady progress towards achieving goals we create feedback that helps to keep us going.  Sometimes however we do not make good progress and we need to look again at the goals and learn from what has not worked.  To read more click here

Get to Know your Courage

When we have goals and we want to move towards them it can take courage.   It is important to nderstand our own courage and to acknowledge that we do have it  To read more click here

Diet & Exercise

We all know that we should take a balanced diet and take a reasonable amount of regular exercise. However our reality is that we sometimes need a little push to keep a focus on our health and well being needs.

Impact of Exercise on Mood

It is well know that exercise has a positive impact on mood.  Often however we are so busy we do not actually know the extent of the impact and it is good to take time and assess its impact.  To find our more click here

Remembering to use all Five Senses

As adults many of use rely heavily on our senses of sight and hearing.  Focusing on our other senses can enrich our experiences.  To find out more click here

Strategies for Dealing with Health Issues

When we are faced with challenges to our health it is important to be able to articulate the supports and help that we need.  To find out more click here

Shaking Up Habits

It is very easy to get into habits, and develop very standard ways of dealing with our day to day situations.  There is great benefit to be gained from shaking up routines, to gain a new perspective.  To find out more click here

Self Care

Often in our busy lives we can neglect to take time to fully embrace self-care.  These challenges are about taking time to be nurture yourself.

Ritual and Ceremony can Enhance our Daily Lives
Simple rituals around food, personal care and exercise and enhance our experience and contribute to our sense of well-being. To read more click here

The Importance of Self Care
We all know that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be best able to care for others.  However many of us experience triggers that cause us to neglect our own self-care.  To read more click here

Make Time to Laugh
Laughter affects our general outlook on life and it is good to take time to laugh.  To find out more click here

Trying Something New
It is very easy as adults to get stuck in routines and never venture outside of our comfort zone.  This challenge is about giving yourself a little jolt and trying something new.  To find our more click here

Benefits of Music
Music has played a significant role in people’s lives throughout the ages.  In our modern world we often have it as background but do not achieve the benefits of really listening.  To find out more click here


Communication is fundamental to all our lives and the patterns that we engage in contribute significantly to our sense of well being.  Below are some general themes that affect our communication.

Patterns for Handling Stress
Critically assessing our patterns for how we act when we are under stress is a very worthwhile exercise as it allows us to better prepare for handling future stresses.  To find out more click here

Putting Issues to Bed and Letting them Go
It is very easy to keep going back over the same issues and never actually letting them go.  The result is a lot of negative energy that can be very draining. To find out more click here

Keeping Relationships at their Best
We all have experienced relationships that thrive and ones that do not go so well.  Strong relationships thrive on an effective balance of giving and receiving.  To find out more click here

Positive Self Talk
The way we “talk to ourselves” about our goals and aspirations strongly influences our success.  Our mental attitude is very important.  To find out more click here

Venting And Negative Energy
Most of us have experienced situations where things build up and then we vent.  The challenge is when we develop a pattern of venting over the same issues over extended periods of time.  To find out more click here


Are You Working Towards Your Dreams?
This challenge is a reminder that it is good sometimes to stop and consider in our busy lives are we actually making progress towards achieving our dreams.  To find out more click here

Handling Ongoing Challenging Situations
Many of us have to deal with challenging situations on an ongoing basis in our work lives.  One of the first steps is to be ablee to separate out what is within our control and what is not. We cannot control other people, we can look at our own behaviour and attitudes and change how we hand these challenges To find out more click here

Learning from Challenges
There are times when despite our best endeavours we do not succeed.  However the real challenge is to change the strategy and try again to achieve our goals.  To find out more click here 

Switching off from Work
We spend many hours at work but it is essential that we take time to switch off from work, relax and re-energise.  To find out more click here

Suit of Armour
Most of us have patterns and rituals that support us to meet our goals and objectives each day.  This challenge is about re-assessing them to ensure that they are working well for us.  To find out more click here

Strategies for Leading other People
In our working lives we can find ourselves in situations where either formally or informally we need to lead other people in order to get the job done. This challenge looks at how we approach leading others To find out more click here


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