Weekly Challenge

 Christmas Buildup and Excitement

Well there is no denying it, the buzz and excitement of the lead into Christmas is well and truly here.   This year I have been particularly aware of the conversion of Advent calendars to marketing tool.   I have seen, branded chocolate ones, make up ones, skincare ones, musical ones, decoration ones and eventually a religious spiritually inspired one.

There is no escaping this focus on building up our excitement and getting us all wound up.  At the same time I was struck by a couple of conversations where friends and colleagues acknowledge that they are finding it all just a bit too “over the top”.

I have also been very aware of the tendency that many of us have when we get that little bit extra busy to somehow replace self-care with over indulgence (and yes I count myself as one of them).

And so I just think that in these final days in the run-in to Christmas how about taking the opportunity to take the time each day to re-focus on a little personal time out and self-care.  To assist you, and taking my inspiration from the marketing gurus here are some seasonal ideas that just might get you started and keep you in the moment of all that is best during the days ahead.

Day 1 – Create the opportunity to fully enjoy and appreciate a favourite seasonal smell (mine is freshly baked mince pies)

Day 2 – Stop and fully enjoy those lights / spend some time in the glow of candlelight

Day 3 – Really listen to some Christmas Carols – they are not just background

Day 4 – Use your sense of touch to feel the different textures of all the decorations around you.

Day 5 – Sit and savour the excitement of someone else

Day 6 – Get yourself active with some Christmas jingles – rock that vibe

Day 7- Take time to be really grateful for all that you have

And so my challenge to you this week is to encourage you to take the decision to prioritise your own personal self-care and decide to take time each day to look after you and hit each of your senses

Warm Wishes and embrace the buildup