Weekly Challenge

 Do Something

One of the great challenges of participating in the Ultimate Blogging challenge  (especially if you jumped on at the last min

ute) is a combination of having the discipline to keep at it and at the same time have something that has some value to say.

I read through a number of blogs yesterday and the day before and my apologies now to the author but I didn’t write it down at the time but there was a reference to Jon Mellencamp and a paraphrase of a quote – I will be doing something.

The phrase really struck a chord with me and I abandoned the post to think about the power and energy behind the phrase “I will be doing something”

Now I don’t know about you but I am rather familiar with posts/ blogs/ adverts suggesting that if I just think about it and bel

ieve it I will grow rich.  I would love to believe that all this is true but my reality and experience suggest the additional piece of the

puzzle – I need to do something.

So how often do you sit and imagine achieving goals and aspirations, imagining what your life would be like with that different job, different car, or a different home?  And then get up dust yourself off and do absolutely nothing!

The thing is for change to happen we have to take actions – No matter how small we need to put one foot in front of the other and start with those first actions steps.  It may be as simple as taking a blank sheet of paper and setting out a list of the action steps that we believe at this time that will be required.

Now I am a great believer in making those initial steps sufficiently small so that success is almost guaranteed and we can develop the habit of succeeding.

But the bottom line always is that we must take action!

So if you have reached this far, I have a challenge for you

What is your dream?

What one action step could you take today to step towards that dream?

Warm wishes