Weekly Challenge

Excuses, Excuses

Most of us are fully aware of the actions that we could take each day that will feed our sense of well-being and move us towards our goals and aspirations and also our dreams.  And yet we don’t quite get there in terms of taking those actions……

I came across a great way of putting it during the week, “Our minds are great excuses machines”

I would go so far as to say that our minds are our best excuses machines.

I don’t know about you but I am an expert at sourcing all those activities that I “need to do” for others ahead of doing those actions that I want to do for myself.  Sound familiar?

Here are some really common excuses that many of us use:

  • Putting the Reward before the work – e.g. having the coffee first before you even get started
  • Doing the easy tasks rather than real work – e.g. I just need to clean up first
  • Staying in I need to get more information before I decide mode – you’ve done the research just go for it
  • Being afraid of possible negative consequences – you cannot predict the future you might equally succeed

 And the one that can be most destructive the – I just don’t feel like it excuse.

This is often linked to not having really connected with your motivation rather than laziness.  And the solution re-train your brain to connect with the power of commitment.  Take something really simple that you want to act on an just do it regardless of any reward and learn again the power of commitment.  And so my challenge this week is to stop just one excuse that you are using in your daily routines and begin the process of re-connecting with the power of commitment.

Warm Wishes

Mary Corbett

P.S. My own one to stop is the cup of coffee/green tea to get started at work it is now becoming my reward