Weekly Challenge

In Love With Me

I was chatting with some wonderful coaches during the week and in the course of our conversation, one of them said “Mary, I want you to have a love affair, (pregnant pause) with yourself”.

I initially thought that it was an unusual choice of words, and particularly as I would consider that I take reasonably good self-care.  However, as often happens when something really important emerges I have churned it around in my head as I took a couple of train journeys from Cork to Belfast and back again.  So I had plenty of time to think…..

I found myself thinking back about the people I have loved and the people that I have fallen in love with and how the experiences have differed.  And yes the experiences have been very different.

Go on, take a minute, right now, to think about someone that you have been “in-love” with and someone else that you “love” but are not in-love with.   See what I mean…

As I began to think about our interactions and behaviours, it became crystal clear that not only were the characteristics and actions of the other people different but how I presented to the world, my actions and my energies were also different.

I also came to the conclusion that when I am “in love” I am my best self, I have a wonderful energy and zest for living that ensures that I truly live in the moment and am fully engaged with whatever it is I am actually doing and this zest for living is contagious.  I am also have great fun!

So, as the week has gone by I have found myself seeking out more and more of the activities that make me feel that lovely warm tingly “in-love” feeling, and being very aware of just where my energy is going and what is feeding my energy and love of living and what is draining it!  I am also choosing to have more fun!

And so my challenge to you this week is to take the opportunity to re-live those feelings of the early days of being in-love.  What were the actions, and what are the characteristics of the people you were in love with?  Take a look around you, what actions can you take today to re-kindle those “in-love” feelings?

Go on it is time to feel the feeling of being in-love with yourself!

Warm Wishes