Weekly Challenge

 It’s What I’m Good At

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places but after some of my own blue sky thinking last week I found myself looking at some movie trailers for this summer’s releases

In the Ocean 8 trailer, Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie Ocean is asked “Why do you need to do need to do this?”

And her response “Because it is what I am good at”

I found myself wondering what it is, that I am actually good at and it struck me that for myself and many people we can get into patterns of just getting on with things and being busy.  We do our jobs (probably really well) but we take what it is that we are good at for granted.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that the things that I am good at fall into many very differing categories and there are in fact many things that I have a memory that I am good at but which I have not done in quite a while and that seems like such a waste.

Not surprisingly I ended up with a blank sheet of paper writing out a list of things that I am good and I was (not surprisingly) very self-critical.  The list was particularly interesting in that it moved rather seamlessly between personal and professional elements and also between thing that I was good at in the past and things that I currently feel that I am good at.

The process really demonstrated to me that full extent to which I take many things that I am good at for granted and while I have previously spoken about the importance and the power of gratitude I have been ignoring many things that I really am grateful for.  Equally I not engaging with many things that I am good at and that bring me joy

And so my challenge to you is to take some time to consider all the things that you are good at (without self-criticism). Take time to be grateful for all the skills and abilities that you have and if there is something that you are good at that you haven’t done for a while create the opportunity to use it – it will feel great  (I know, I have I made raspberry jam and it tastes so good!)

Warm Wishes