Weekly Challenge

Who Are Your Tribe?

I was listing to a very powerful webinar during the week from T Harv Eker but for at least part of the presentation I was distracted by the quotation that was on the wall behind him but which was partially blocked by his head.

After a while I got to see the full text:

                                                        If you want to go fast go alone

                                                       If you want to go far go together

Part of the webinar focused on being very clear that the voices in our head, our thoughts, are things that we can choose to listen to or not and that we can control our thoughts rather than our thoughts control us.

Now I have often stressed in previous challenges that the thoughts in our heads matter and it is worth noting that is not just the thoughts and words that we create in our own head, but if, as the quote says, we want to go far then we really do need to consider the thoughts and ideas that we receive from those around us.

I am quite sure as you read this that you can bring to mind people who always seem to find fault, who find the problem, who look backwards rather than forwards.   The challenge is that their words create part of the dialogue that then goes on in your head (but only if you let it).  Equally there will be others who support you to grow and develop and move forward but again only if you allow those thoughts and words to take hold.

In other words, the tribe that you keep around you matters.   So if you consider your work mates, your family, the people that you socialise with, just how supportive are they?  Do the radiate support and energy or do they drain you?

So my challenge to you this week is to consider your tribe.  Take the time to consider how the people around you feed into the dialogue that goes on inside your head.  How are these dialogues serving you?

Warm Wishes

Mary Corbett