Weekly Challenge

Merry Christmas

I really do not want to accept that the year is almost over, and yet everything around me is telling me that this is the case.    This year really does seem to have flown and once again I am re-connecting with people and realising that I haven’t been in contact for ages, I have taken out decorations and been flooded with memories of Christmas’s past and then there is a To-do list that is all about doing and very little about being.

I have come to learn however that when I stay in the being, the work and the tasks that really matter to me get done and I don’t stress.  So in these final few days before Christmas and New Year celebrations it is a good time to sit down with that cup of tea and mince pie and take some time to consider what would really make this Christmas a lovely time for you and those who matter most to you.

You see, it is very easy to get caught up with the hype of having “the perfect tree”; “the perfect turkey”; the “dream party outfit”; “the ideal gift” etc., etc.  And there is no escaping that for many parents, giving their family the best Christmas that they possibly can gets wrapped up in expensive toys, tinsel and fancy foods.

However when we take the time to consider the best Christmas’s we have experienced in our own lives, many of us find that they are more accurately wrapped up in the connections with people and experiences with the family and friends.  True  – cooking disasters can also feature but mostly for the fun and laughter that they created!

So if you find yourself rushing around and getting stressed in the coming days, take a little time out.   Remind yourself of what really is important to you and what it is that will bring you joy for Christmas and stay in the moment and breathe.  We do not need perfection! Good enough and really connecting with those who are most important to us will free us to really enjoy a wonderful Christmas with a lot less stress!

May I wish you and yours a wonderful, and joyful Christmas full of love, warmth and kindness.

Warm wishes