Weekly Challenge

Goodbyes and Hellos

I love this week between Christmas day and New Year.  If like me you are fortunate enough to take some time off work it is a lovely time to reflect on the year that has gone and prepare for the new.

I wrote recently about de-cluttering my thoughts and in the process I did a little de-cluttering around one particular room in my house and I have found myself drawn to this room over the holidays.

Quite separately my daughter, gifted me the Dominique Loreau book “L’art de la Simplicité- how to live more with less” and so far one of the things that I have learned from the book is about the origin of the word clutter to quote…

“…‘Clutter’ has the same root as ‘clot’.  Just as a blood clot blocks the circulation, so clutter can disrupt the proper functioning of an interior.”

I must say I found this description really stark and since I read it on the 26th I have been choosing to tidy things away and keep things simple, even though I still went to the sales in the hunt for a bargain and probably bought things that I do not need.  I am still a work in progress.  The old pattern of bargain hunting won out over a desire for simplicity.

And so this has been a timely reminder that it is as important to let go of the old stuff, of the old habits and patterns to make room for the new.  My challenge to you this week is to consider the plans that you have for 2018 and take the opportunity this week to consider the following:

For this plan to succeed what old habits and patterns need to change…..

For example, if the goal is a healthier lifestlyle, do you comfort eat when you get stressed?  Does the act of eating give you some temporary relief from the stressors?  Do you need to focus first on finding a new pattern for dealing with stress that will support rather than hinder you desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Taking a little time to better understand the old patterns and understand how they are working for us and then paring things back will allow us to be much clearer about what really needs to happen for us to succeed in our goals and plans.

So make the most of this week to really consciously let go of the old so that you can fully ring in the new from Jan 1st – no excuses.

Warm Wishes