Weekly Challenge

Snow Day Snow Time 

What a week, Ireland is certainly experiencing a weather event and our lack of experience in dealing with snow and ice has been really evident.   Firstly however my total gratitude and admiration for all those who have continued to ensure that we have all the necessary services operating to keep us going.

As you read this this (March 1) the country is preparing for a shut down as we are predicting the worst weather the country has experienced in over 36 years.   In the meantime we have picturesque snow and it really should be Christmas – some friends have even spoken of taking out the decorations and they were only half joking.

The net effect of this reaction to the weather is that most people are going to have at least 2 snow days with no need to go to work and time at home with nothing much that they need to do.   Or do they?

Most children are seeking to get outdoors and enjoy the novelty of all the snow that has fallen and there are some adults who are more than happy to join them.  Others are planning to binge watch their favourite shows for hours on end.   And then there are some like me who have a few indoor jobs that they would like to do but because there are no demands on their time it proves a little difficult to get stuck in and complete.

You may be familiar with the expression, when you want something done ask a busy person.   And this can be very effective as they tend to be very task focused.  However on a snow day with snow time, things just might be a little different.

So how do you spend your time, when the demands on your time have dramatically changed their focus?  Do you create artificial structures?  Do you shut yourself away in a separate room to get work done and then create rewards for yourself? Do you sit in front of the TV with the laptop and half work, half relax?

And so my challenge to you is to be aware of how you feel and how you react to having snow time.  Are you filling your day with tasks?  Are you kicking back and enjoying doing absolutely nothing?  If what you are doing is causing frustration how about looking to see how you can change how you are spending you day so that you really get the most from these snow days!

In the meantime stay warm, and stay safe – I’m off to make a snowman followed by hot chocolate!

Warm Wishes