Weekly Challenge

Do Something New

Well this week, as I travelled around, I noticed that many shops/hotels etc., were putting up their Christmas decorations.   Now personally, I prefer to wait until December, as I find that if the build-up is too long that it just gets exhausting and I am tired of the glitter and the baubles before the main event.

However, for a couple of the venues this week, I was struck by the fact that they seemed to putting up exactly the same decorations as last year (and the year before). Now while I am all for tradition at this time of year it did remind me that we all very easily revert into patterns of behaviour that are just a little bit too stale and automatic.

When I consider my own routines there are plenty that have not changed in a long time, nor in fact would I want to change them.   However if, I would be my own coach, then I would challenge myself as to what new opportunities and possibilities am I open to.

You see doing new things, engaging with new people, is fundamentally good for us.  There are so many benefits including; meeting new people, learning more about ourselves, being challenged by new ideas etc.   In fact when we try something new we become more interesting and we have more to talk about, even if what we try is not something that we choose to continue.

So my challenge to you this week is try something new.  Now I am not suggesting that you walk out of your job and buy a ticket to travel around the world.   Rather I want you to consider how you can integrate doing one new thing each week into your current routine.

In other words, could you listen to new music, try a new recipe, visit a new coffee shop/restaurant, or go to a new show?   The idea is to be more aware of opportunities to embrace one new action.  When friends and colleagues suggest something new, how about becoming a “yes” person who gives it a go.

These new experiences will broaden your perspective and while some may be done once, and never repeated, others may open up a whole wealth of new experiences and joy.

Let these new opportunities add to joy in your life!

Warm Wishes