Weekly Challenge

Start something new

The older I get, the quicker each year seems to go by and I find myself wondering where the year is going.   Lots of youngsters are starting their primary, secondary or college education and more still are entering the workplace.  As a result I often find that this time of year is a great time to start something new and without the pressure of New Year resolutions.

So how do you pick something new?  In working with a number of clients recently we have identified some interesting specific actions that are supporting them to reduce their working levels of stress.  For one client this has involved creating time during the day to sketch and doodle (he has put a whiteboard in his office just for this purpose).  Another, who has a home office, will be leaving his office each lunchtime and taking 20 minutes to play piano, while a third is going to head out for a walk without his phone.

What was really important for these clients is that they were fully aware of actions that would make them feel more alive, less stressed and better able to deal with their daily routines.

So my question for you is what action could you take up and integrate into your daily routines that would have a similar effect?

For two of my clients mentioned above it was about integrating some creativity into their more structured daily activities. For the third, his challenge was to put the phone down and have a real break so that he could restore his energy levels.  This was particularly challenging as most of his work comes through his phone and it took some time to point out that if he was in a client meeting he did not answer the phone so he needed to treat his lunch break as he would a client meeting – only he was the client!

So my challenge for you this week is to take the time to identify an activity that nurtures your soul and makes you feel truly alive? Does it involve exercise, music, photography, art?  Is it an activity that you need to do alone or with others?

Remember the idea is to find something that you can integrate into your day so that it soothes, heals and restores and supports you in your daily activities.

And then once you have identified the activity, make the decision to start this something new each day.  Be your own best client and see to your own needs first and then you will be better able to deal with the needs of others.

As for me – I need to get back to taking more nature photographs each day!

Warm Wishes