Weekly Challenge

When is a Good Time to Start?

I have joined a blogging challenge and so my weekly challenge is just about to become a daily challenge or the month of July (and you never know, I may keep it up).  I will be posting them under weekly challenge on my website unless I can figure how to change the text on the website.  Now it did start on July 1st but I finally got my act together and took up the challenge this morning.

So here goes……..

How often do you find yourself in the situation where you have an idea, know that it would be good for you and then don’t quite get started. And then tell yourself that it is too late.

Take this blog writing challenge – as I had missed the original start date of July 1, I could have said to myself that I will do the next one (I have used this excuse before!)

Equally if I have a plan to engage in some healthy eating/exercise I seem to always have to start on a Monday – if I miss the start of the week then somewhere in my head it’s too late and I need to just abandon.

As I sit here looking at this pattern the total lack of logic is very evident.

But one of the great thing about seeing a look of logic or rather the lack of it, is that even the logical side of my brain can change the construct!

So how did I change my response to the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

I suggested to another coach, Valerie Green  (www.valeriegreen.ie) that she should do the Ultimate Blog challenge and I told her not to worry that it was a few days in – there was no better time to start than NOW

And then I sat there feeling like a bit of a fraud – how could I say to Valerie to just get started and not apply the same approach to myself!

And so I would challenge those reading this, have you got projects, work goals, household tasks  that you just have not gotten started?  Thingss that you meant to start this morning, yesterday, lastweek, last month

Guess What – The time to get started is NOW – Go on You can do it you are good to go!

Warm Wishes