Weekly Challenge

 Value and Worth

One of the great joys of coaching is that I get to have incredibly interesting conversations with people as they seek to change, develop and move forward.  This week was no exception and for some reason, I seemed to attract conversations about value and worth.

The nature of those conversations varied from  being able to give a salary expectation in a job interview, to work supervisors not recognizing hard work, skills and talent to one individual who only saw the concept in terms of economic worth  (we will be doing a little work on that).

The reality of the concept of worth, is considerably more complex than mere economics and yet for many the focus of worth is wrapped up in work outside the home and what their salary affords them.

However while attending a funeral and listening to the eulogy for the man who had died –  it was very clear that for all of this man’s family his true worth was measured in his engagement, his support, his generosity of spirit, the time he gave to family and friends, his appreciation of the great outdoors. – He was a kind and generous decent human being.   I had only known the man in his later years but it struck me that there was little or no mention of his work roles in how people valued him and his worth to them!  In fact it was not even mentioned!

Which brings me to my challenge for this week, how do you value yourself?  When you consider your value and worth, is it tied up in salary and status?  Or is it that broader understanding of worth and value?

What do others value you for?  What do you value yourself for?

Take the opportunity this week to write out what you believe your value and worth are in this world.  Then seek out those who matter to you and get them to tell you how they perceive your worth and it’s value to them.

I suspect that you will find that others attribute greater value than you so take the time to become clearer on your real value and worth. Take a deep breath and begin to believe in your true value and worth.

Warm Wishes