Weekly Challenge

Sand, Earth, Water Between my Toes

Well it has been a wonderful week here weather wise and with it lots of opportunities to get out and about.   There are many things that I like about warm sunny weather but one in particular is walking around in my bare feet and feeling the earth, or the sand, or freshly cut grass or water between my toes.

Now it has been well established that there are a variety of health benefits that result from walking barefoot.  Quite apart from strengthening your ankles and improving your balance the scientific theory behind this simple practice is that our bodies absorb negative electrons from the Earth through the soles of our feet. In other words when you walk barefoot you “ground” with the earth. And since the earth has a negative charge than our bodies we end up absorbing electrons from it.

Some of the other benefits that have been attributed to walking barefoot are:

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Support the immune systems
  • Loosen tense muscles
  • Decrease feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Boost Energy levels

Now I do know that I love to walk barefoot at the water’s edge and I always feel good afterwards. And although I do it less frequently walking barefoot on grass is very pleasant too. However for me part of the pleasure also comes from feeling the wind on my face, being alone with my thoughts, daydreaming and planning in my head, and at the risk of sounding a little pompous, being in tune with nature.

Now I will be the first to admit that my barefooted-ness is always in warm sunshine and so this current spell of good weather is the perfect opportunity. And so my challenge to you is to take full advantage of the summer and go barefooted. Take the opportunity to be technology free as you walk barefooted. Take the opportunity to tune-in to the nature that is all around you and fully enjoy the experience.

Take the time to be aware of how your mood and your energy shift after walking barefoot and feeling the earth, or sand or water between your toes.

Enjoy the summer sun!

Warm Wishes,

Mary Corbett