Weekly Challenge


Joy and Wonder

One of the experiences and joys that I have every year is spotting a small child, usually aged about 3 or 4 completely wrapped up in the moment, staring in awe at some Christmas lights/ ornaments/ trees etc.   In that single moment the child is usually very still and silent and all of the surrounding hustle and bustle has completely disappeared into the background.  Contrast that with us grown-ups who are rushing around, trying to get “everything” done and being exceedingly busy and getting more and more stressed.

When I take the time to consider my highlights of Christmases past they seem to be much more associated with those quiet moments of awe and wonder than with the hustle and bustle, associated with the satisfaction of sharing good company, delighted children and that great feeling that comes with knowing that the present you gave was just perfect, at that moment and time for the other person.   Some of my best received gifts did not have any significant monetary value.

So I have been thinking about how this year in the remaining days before Christmas I can have more of the awe and wonder and a little less of the stress and rushing around.  So let me share with you some of the things that I am going to integrate into my days so that I get more of the awe.

Top of the list has to be taking at least 5 minutes each day to sit in the dark with just the Christmas tree lights on. (I will become that 3 year old again even if only for a few minutes).

Secondly I am going to structure my present buying (bearing in mind that I still have a lot to buy) so that I focus on one person at a time and find the best gift that I can for each person.

Thirdly I am going to make time to listen to well sung Christmas Carols – I might even take in a carol service or two.

And so a very easy challenge for you this week, identify what feeds your sense of wonder and awe at this time of year and find a way to ensure that you create the opportunities each day to experience the awe and wonder and take a breather away from the stress and rushing around.

Warm wishes